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Here’s exactly what’s in your Silver Starter Kit

1 oz. Silver American Eagle (BU)

The first redesign of this American classic in 35 years. A refreshed obverse capturing the original details of Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design, plus a brand new reverse featuring a dynamic eagle in the act of landing. Weight and purity guaranteed by the U.S. government, and each coin contains a minimum of one troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver.

Get Brand-new,  Uncirculated Silver Without Paying Full Price

2022 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf

Featuring the late Queen Elizabeth II

One of the world's most-recognized silver soins

2022 1 oz Australian Kangaroo (BU)

2023 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic (BU)

A top choice for coin collectors and bullion investors

2023 1 oz South African Krugerrand

2023 1 oz Britannia (BU)

From the makers of the first four-nines pure silver coin

the silver version of the world-famous gold coin

A limited-edition silver collectible note

Silver Dragon Silverback Silver Note

So how great a deal is this? 

Because these silver coins are all recognized around the world and in high demand, this offer will sell out fast. But not just because it’s a great deal… Though it is. 

The price comparison below is the premium percentage difference you pay with BullionMax vs our competitors. Premium prices are essentially retail markup over spot price and every dealer adds this to every coin. We decided to lower our premiums and pass along our wholesale savings directly to you, our customer.

Here’s the math 
(based on competitors premium over spot pricing)

Why choose BullionMax?


Precious metals retailing is a low-profit business. Exclusive products like the Silverback give us a chance to crank prices sky-high. No matter what our accountant says, we're going to keep prices reasonable and give you a totally free Silverback.

Get 5 Silver Coins, and a Free Gift at a Discounted Price

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Oh, by the way, we pay for shipping and insurance, too.

Please understand, this is not profitable for us. Our business only works when you’ve held one of these beauties in your hand, once you’ve seen just how substantial and refined real money can be. 
Our goal is to become your go-to precious metals partner for the long run. 

1 oz. Trump Silver Round

These silver rounds are proudly minted right here in the U.S. celebrating the 46th President of the United States and his accomplishments.

American Proof Silver Eagle

America’s only proof silver coin, these exquisite silver eagles pay homage to the days of real, sound money with their Walking Liberty design by Adolph Weinman, used on silver half-dollar coins from 1916-1947.

1 oz. Silver Round (BU)

The silver buffalo round is a commemorative piece crafted to honor the history of the United States. As such, it has no face value and is not considered legal tender. Like all rounds, these silver buffalos were struck with aesthetic qualities in mind. These rounds are struck by a variety of private mints. Although all silver buffalos draw their inspiration from the same iconic original, designs may vary slightly from mint to mint.

1 oz. Silver Bar

Bars come in various dimensions, and the 1 oz silver bar is the single most popular choice, thanks to its attractive and highly portable size. Furthermore, it’s a much more useful bartering unit than, say, a 100-oz. silver bar. The 1 oz silver bar isn’t a collector’s item. You can put it in your pocket and carry it everywhere, take it out, show it to people.

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Silver Dragons Pricing Update

Silver Dragons was able to work out a package deal including five of our most popular silver coins, plus a totally free Silverback limited-edition silver collectible note included with every single bundle (while supplies last).  

Silverbacks aren't available anywhere else...

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We employ world-class 256k SSH security on this website to protect your identity, your payment information, and your order history – because our business is based on trust. 

"No BS" Buying

No junk emails or unsolicited phone calls. No website cluttered with 500 “limited edition collector’s items.” Just the precious metals essentials at the best possible prices.


We want to earn your long-term business. We’re not looking to make a sale. We want to become your preferred precious metals partner for the long haul.

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This offer will disappear

Don’t hesitate – this may be your only chance to get a pre-made silver collection from the world’s most respected mints and get a FREE Silverback collectible note (available exclusively from BullionMax).  We’ll keep this offer running for as long as we can.

We cannot guarantee availability

So if you have any interest, we strongly recommend you buy now.

All investing involves risk. Offer for new customers only. Limit one silver starter pack per household. This offer may expire at any time. Delivery date not guaranteed – delivery time frame varies based on order volume and availability. Your order will ship fully-insured, as soon as possible.

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Here’s exactly what’s in your Silver Dragons Bundle

2023 1 oz. Silver Britannia (BU)

The Royal Mint's silver Britannia series pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II. Since 2020, these coins are the only silver bullion coins so far to incorporate the Royal Mint’s four latest security features.

2022 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin (BU)

From the trailblazing Royal Canadian Mint, makers of the first-ever 0.9999 pure silver coin, the newest maple leaf incorporates multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies. This coin's finish is preserved via MINTSHIELD, a technology that protects your coin's just-minted look.

2022 1 oz Australian Kangaroo (BU)

One of the world's most-recognizable silver coins, the kangaroo's 0.9999 fine silver is engraved with a bounding red kangaroo surrounded by a sunburst. The extraordinarily detailed design even shows the wind rippling the creature's fur.

2023 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic (BU)

One of the very, very few silver coins you'll find with a face value in euro. Since 2008, the silver Austrian Philharmonic coin has become a favorite silver bullion coin across Europe and around the world. 

See why the Austrian Mint’s silver philharmonics are so treasured…

2023 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand

This 2023 South African 1 oz silver Krugerrand coin is the same design as the world-famous gold Krugerrand, in impeccable silver. The silver Krugerrand features the same design as the gold version: Paul Kruger on the obverse and a springbok antelope on the reverse. Otherwise it's virtually identical to the legendary gold coin...

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We are delighted to introduce an exciting new product for collectors:  Silverbacks! Each Silverback is 1/1000th oz of 0.999 pure silver with an incredible design inspired by world-class silver stacker and YouTuber Silver Dragons. There could be a day when Silverbacks fulfill the need for hyper-fractional silver increments, and you can be the first to own the prototype for this new form of silver...

Silver Dragon Silverback Silver Note

2023 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand